Garcinia Cambogia Fruit: Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

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There has been a buzz about this Garcinia Cambogia fruit which is considered a miracle worker when it comes to weight loss. With the rampant conflicting information on the internet, the key question remains “what is it, and does it really help in weight loss?

For both females and males, staying within the Basal Metabolic Index (BMI) bracket is of immense significance. However, it takes a lot of effort and a supernatural will to maintain weight to suitable BMI’s. This led to the innovation of diet pills and extracts. So whenever we hear of a miracle working substance, we definitely want to find know more.

So what exactly is this Dr OzGarcinia Cambogia fruit?

Garcinia Cambogia FruitAlso known as tamarind fruit, Garcinia Cambogia is grown in most parts of Southeast Asia including India, Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand. When ripe, the skin turns yellowish. It physically resembles a pumpkin but it is only the size of an orange. It grows in most moist forests, and it remained a wild fruit until recently where a few farmers grow it in Asia for commercial purposes.

The locals in Myanmar call it Gambooge fruit, and it was traditionally taken to help in increasing bowel movements during constipation. Women also used the rind to flavor curry and chutney.

Aside from being extremely delicious and juicy, scientists from Purdue University confirm that the tamarind fruit is packed full of vital nutrients. From iron, to calcium, phosphorus, thiamine, niacin and riboflavin, the fruit is clearly superior nutritionally.

Weight Loss Properties

There are two ways in which the tamarind fruit attains weight loss;

· Reduction of the absorption of fat by the body

· Curbing appetite.

The key is in the rind where a chemical known as hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is in plenty. This chemical is purported by researchers to prevent the conversion of sugar into fat. Consequently, the body gets rid of any excessive sugars consumed.

In another research, scientists also suggest that HCA is responsible for curbing appetite and increasing metabolism. In this way, the excess fat in the body is utilized for energy production and this leads to weight loss.

Warning! Where Things Get Tricky

Every consumable product provided by Mother Nature is considered perfect and wholesome. However, human beings generally try to corrupt nature using their knowledge. Think about this, human beings are responsible for polluting every natural resource on earth.

A similar scenario is experienced when it comes to the dr oz garcinia cambogia fruit. When the demand for the fruit rose, scientists and chemists came up with pills containing extracts of the fruit. However, most of these extracts are chemically modified, and/ or the pill contains too much of the extract simply to allow a faster reaction.

Consequently, the liver is overworked and several people have been hospitalized from the use of extract pills.

You have been warned, the fruit is completely fine, but the pills should be taken with a lot of caution.

Do not be a part of the bandwagon belief that weight loss comes easily, eating a healthy balanced diet is the only way of maintaining the body weight.

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21 Day Fix Foods Review Article

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21 Day Fix brought the portion control system to the forefront of the nutritional market. While most dietary programs prefer to use a calorie counting system, 21 Day Fix has opted to go in a whole different direction. The portion control system uses color-coded containers to allocate different amounts of food based on your current weight.

Furthermore, the containers work hand in hand with a pre-approved food list, so that you are eating the correct portions of healthy and nutritious food. Learning about the 21 Day Fix foods is extremely exciting, and that is why I will give you a quick rundown on the basics.


foods 21 day fix

  1. Green Container for veggies

The largest container provided by 21 Day Fix is the green container. This container has been allocated for veggies, hence the reason it is so big. This container holds food that is exceptionally high in nutrients, and it ensures that you get your daily dose of nutrients and vitamins. Furthermore, 21 Day Fix allows you to add an extra green container to your meal plan when you are feeling hungry.

By incorporating several green containers in your daily meal, you can get in the habit of eating veggies. The veggies on the pre-approved food list include kale, eggplant, onions, and squash.


  1. Purple Container for fruits

The purple container is actually similar in size to the green container. Just like with veggies, 21 Day Fix is trying to get you in the habit of eating fruits on a daily basis. As you might already know, fruits are a rich source of essential vitamins, making them an important part of your diet.

Though there is a wide range of fruits allowed such as mangoes, berries, and oranges, 21 Day Fix discourages you from eating sugary fruits that have high calorie levels.


  1. Red Container for proteins

Proteins are vital to your health, as they build and repair your muscles, collagen, and hair. That is why protein-rich diets are usually recommended by health professionals. 21 Day Fix provides protein options for both meat eaters and vegetarians, so no one is left out.

Some of the proteins on the food list include sardines, turkey, tofu, and yogurt.


  1. Yellow Container for carbohydrates

If you are wondering why your energy levels are so low, then you are probably not including enough carbs in your diet. 21 day fix encourages consumption of healthy carbs, such as potatoes, quinoa, and yams. However, unhealthy carbs and processed foods will not be allowed.


  1. Blue Container for healthy fats and cheeses

Many people believe that fats should be kept out of your diet; however, they should be included in moderation. This container allows for fatty foods such as cheese, nuts, and avocado.


  1. Orange Container for seeds and dressings

The smallest container is the orange container, which holds food such as pumpkin seeds and olives.


  1. Oils and spices

When it comes to cooking your food, you should use oils such as extra virgin olive oil and seed butters as they are healthy options. And when you want to elevate the taste of your food, feel free to add spices, mustard, ginger, garlic, hot sauce, and herbs.


With this information, you are now a mini-expert on 21 Day Fix foods. You can now go out and start crafting healthy and delicious meals using everything you have learnt in this article.

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7 Tricks to Make your 21 Day Fix Successful!

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The 21 day fix is a weight loss program that entails healthy eating coupled with exercises. The program is real, and it is designed to reduce the extra weight. As long a person sticks to it, the extra pounds of fats will have to be shed. This article will cover tips and tricks for the success of this weight loss program.

Stick to the recommended diet

Make sure to stick only to the foods and drinks that are approved on the 21 day fix. The program contains an extensive list of foods to make sure that every person eats what is right for him. Consider eating a lot of the recommended food. It is not right to starve or eat less. Eating less or starving means creating a point of weakness in the program.

Plan and Keep the program simple

The program needs to be followed as simple as possible, but with proper preparations. The simpler the preparation, the easier the master’s hammer and chisel will be. The journey is quite more comfortable if a little time is spent preparing for the next day’s meal and workouts.

Don’t just pop into an exercise without prior preparation. The mind needs to be set before beginning any exercise. Plan on the time to engage in exercises or workouts every day.

It is recommended that you plan and schedule 30 minutes of exercises every day for 21 days. Stick to the schedule and avoid going astray. Inconsistency on the workouts will not yield to any positive results.

Get rid of junk food

1Remove all the junk food in the house. During the three weeks, there will be craving for junk foods. It is, therefore, important to get rid of them to avoid feeding. The moment the body learns to feed on the healthy foods, craving will reduce. Unhealthy foods will interfere with the program and consequently the results.

Drink a lot of water

Drinking a lot of water can lead to a massive weight loss. Water helps to flush all the bad stuff out of the body quickly. Cold water requires more energy to heat it up to the body temperature. In the process, calories will have to be burnt. Also, water will keep the stomach full reducing the tendency to eat before the meal time.

Consider joining a group for challenge

A group will help you change some habits. Lack of support and accountability is the primary cause of failure in losing weight. There are high chances of succeeding with the 21 Day Fix if there is a second person to provide support. Being accountable to someone, will help to improve the performance.

Stick to the workouts calendar

It is a must to follow the exercises as laid down in the program. Following the workout calendar will ensure that the muscle works at top efficiency. Workouts should be done as recommended without skipping or substituting for better results.

Drink shakeology

Make sure to drink a glass of shakeology to give the body all the nutrients it needs. Drinking shakeology makes the process simpler by giving the body the energy it requires and reducing the cravings for the junk foods.

Be committed for three weeks- The program takes 21 days of your life. Be committed to the 21 day fix for the set time. Follow the workouts and keep the nutrition plan at par and you will see the results.

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Diet Plan to Get Great Looking Abs

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You need a good diet plan for abs in order to get that washboard stomach that most people desire. It is in fact the best short cut that can be employed in your endeavor to get a ripped stomach. Having a diet plan does not mean you have to starve yourself. On the contrary, you have to eat frequent with a minimum of six meals a day. The diets should be all inclusive of all the nutrient requirements for the best results.

Some of the nutritious foods that you should include on your diet plan for abs are:

Cruciferous vegetables:
The vegetables in this group include broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. They are considered to be among the best foods for building a six pack. These vegetables provide the body with necessary nutrients for the normal body functioning. They have fewer calories making it easier for the body to burn fat.


These are nutritious nuts which are a great source of fiber, proteins, magnesium and vitamin E. Vitamin is an antioxidant for fighting radicals. Magnesium is an essential mineral for producing energy, building and maintain muscles as well as stabilizing blood-sugar levels. This reduces food cravings which can reverse the gains of your diet. These nutrients are vital in your diet plan for abs as they help in blocking calories by absorbing fats.

Berries: Berries have loads of fiber nutrients. Fibers help in improving body metabolism which helps in losing weight. Fibres absorb the food you eat by trapping food particles before being fully broken down in your digestive system. Like almonds, they are a great source of antioxidants. Not only are they good for developing abs, but they also provide nutrients that can help in fighting cancer.

Another nutritious type of foods to include in your diet plan for abs includes soybeans. They are a wonderful source of antioxidants and fiber. A great way to prepare them is by having them roasted dry. Using soy milk-based meals can be a great substitute to traditional dairy-based meals which can contribute to weight loss.

Allium vegetables:
Your diet plan for abs will be incomplete without allium vegetables. The varieties of food in this group include chives, garlic and onions. These foods are rich in flavonoids which are essential in keeping the cardiovascular system in a proper working condition. They also provide the body with stamina for working out.

The above mentioned tips are simple and effective which you should start incorporating into your day to day eating routine with immediate effect. If these meals are included in your diet plan for abs; then it is only a matter of time before you get the awesome abs that you have been dreaming off. You only need to combine the meal plan with a proper work out plan and the results will soon be visible on your stomach. If you have been going through a hard time trying to build a sexy looking body, then it is about time people will start taking notice on the changes on your body.

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